Happyway web inspection system (WIS) can apply to non-woven production line. It consist one special designed high precision frame, several imported high speed line-scan camera (depends on line speed and number of cameras) and one control cabinet with 17" LCD display.

16.gif  Function

arro.gif   100% monitor to production line;

arro.gif   Defects inspection, catalog and display;

arro.gif   Defects automatic position, automatic filter, automatic save;

arro.gif   Open database, remote view real time data and report;

arro.gif   Report print out function;

arro.gif   Marking system and post defects remove function;

arro.gif   CN/EN display.

16.gif  Benefits

arro.gif   Convenient for continuous checking product quality;

arro.gif   Saving raw materials;

arro.gif   Ensures product quality, lower the scrape rate;

arro.gif   Shorten operating time of product switch, improve productivity;

arro.gif   Increase yield per unit power consumption;

arro.gif   Improve product market strength;

arro.gif   Allow production managing and examining.

16.gif  Detailed application

arro.gif   Production line;

arro.gif   Split machine;

arro.gif   Rewinding machine.

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