Application to non-woven and textile production line consist typical configuration with one scanner, basis weight sensor, moisture sensor (if required) and control cabinets with 17”LCD display.

16.gif   Function

arro.gif  A variety of weight (and moisture) real-time picture and curve display, automatically generate reports;

arro.gif  Automatic feedback control: control feeding rod speed to achieve the average weight control;

arro.gif  Control the temperature of the oven to achieve water longitudinal control;

arro.gif  Touchscreen LCD display, with keyboard and mouse support;

arro.gif  Password protection, auto compensation and system diagnosis;

arro.gif  Open database, remote view real-time data, reports;

arro.gif  Switchable EN/CN language support.

16.gif  Benefits

arro.gif  For the operation of workers opened a window, always know the current product quality;

arro.gif Ensures product quality, lower the scrape rate;

arro.gif Shorten operating time of product switch, improve productivity;

arro.gif Increase yield per unit power consumption;

arro.gif Improve product market strength;

arro.gif Allow production managing and examining;

arro.gif Shorten operating time of product switch, improve productivity;

16.gif  Detailed application

arro.gif  Spunlace production line;

arro.gif  Acupuncture production line

arro.gif  Meltblown production line;

arro.gif  Other more nonwovens and textile production lines

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