HPW-2002QCS quality control system (online thickness gauge)

Start in 2002, has been applied in Plastic, Non-woven, Coating, Paper industry. The gauging system has been exported to Australia, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, Sweden, and Taiwan. It is first company in accordance to the product standards (Standard NO.: Q/HY01-2005; Q/HY01-2012;), and passes CE certificates. Happyway Automation Co., Ltd. has the full intellectual property rights of the hpw-2002qcs gauge system.

Scan Frame

     High Quality AC motor, coup with imported drive or inverter to ensure position precision connects to a high precision encoder;
     Advanced linear rail with high reliability, automatic lubrication and easy maintenance;
     Adjustable automatic scan with speed and range;
     Switchable manual/auto scan;
     Break-off detection and automatic back to home position;
     Automatic calibration;
     Scanner available with “O”, “C”, “T” and ring type.


     Non contact Beta ray, X-ray, inferred, and Laser sensor choose for different applications.

Penetrating Sensor β-Ray

    Measurement Range: 10-1500 gsm

    Ray Source:85Kr;  Sr90


    Measurement Range: 5-2000 μm

    Low energy X-ray:<5000eV

Inferred     Measurement Range: 0-30% (Moisture)
Reflection Sensor Inferred

    Measurement Range: 0-90% (Moisture)

    0-1000 gsm (Coating)

Laser     Measurement Range: 0.01-100mm

Advanced industrial PC and PLC controller ensures high reliability and anti-interferences withstand in harsh environment.

User friendly interface

Real-time display of colorful charts and data

Statistical report with accessible history data by inquiry

CN/EN language support

Advanced data processing and control algorithm

Automatic control

     Cross Direction automate control: auto die, Calendar Roll, Coating Blade, Automatic Laying;
     Machine Direction (MD) automatic control: Line Speed, automatic pump RPM, feeding roll RPM, extruding roll RPM, flow rate, pressure, temperature.

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